Freedom is Calling 自由在召喚--"六四"二十四週年紀念

We Shall Overcome/Freedom is Calling -- 自由在召喚--"六四"二十四週年紀念

1. In Remembrance --"Tiananmen June 4th", 1989-2013
We Shall Overcome/Freedom is Calling -- Excerpts from "Ode to Freedom" DVD. Presented by East Meets West Music Arts, Dr. Fengshi Yang, Artistic Director/Conductor.

2. Forever in Remembrance --
Introduction to the "Ode to Freedom" Concert DVD

Dr. Fengshi Yang, artistic director and producer, introduces the "Ode to Freedom" concert DVD , the 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen June 4th Memorail Concert presented by East Meets West Music Arts.

永誌不忘 -- 東西方音樂藝術團"自由頌""六四"二十週年紀念音樂會光碟介紹

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